Squash in Seattle, Victoria, and Calgary

Hello hello!

Yes, Squash on Squash lives on. It’s been a very busy past few months, hence the lack of blogging. However, these past two weeks I’ve been away travelling for squash tournaments, which has given me some time to reflect and plan out some blog posts. We’re back!


A couple weeks ago I flew from New York to Seattle to play in a squash tournament. Overall, it went pretty well, and I managed to qualify for the main draw before falling to the number 1 seed.

I felt pretty good during all of the matches and practice sessions, which may have had something to do with my classic breakfast which I kept consistent every day!

Every day, my parents and I went to the Cherry Tree cafe, where I got either a cappuccino (they were amazing) or a normal coffee, and oatmeal. I was a huge dork, and brought everything back to our hotel, where I added some almonds, banana, and protein powder. One day I was an even bigger dork and brought an individual packet of protein powder with me to the cafe.

IMG_8004Whole Foods also made a regular appearance for lunches, with the exception of a delicious Buddha Bowl from Sweetgrass Food Co.




After Seattle, I went home to Victoria for a couple of days to train and hang out. This of course meant time spent at my second home- the squash club!

IMG_8014And a trip home wouldn’t be complete without at least one appearance at the Parsonage Cafe.



After a nice (but short) visit at home,  it was time to fly off to Calgary for another squash tournament.

IMG_8016The tournament went okay, but I didn’t play as well as I had wanted to (more to come on that in another post), and ended up losing in the final round of qualifying. I was pretty annoyed following the match, but after several chats with my coaches, I’m now feeling better. There are always lessons to be learned, whether you’re experienced, or new to the tour (which I am!).

I’ve since spent my time doing some good old Canadian stuff, such as attending hockey games and running in the icy (yet somehow warm) outdoors.


IMG_8035I head back to New York early tomorrow morning, where it’s back to real life! (Meaning, training and work).

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