I’m Back! But Why?

It’s been more than a year away from the blog, but I’m back!

Back…Ha ha… get it? (I’ll be here with the Dad jokes alllll day, don’t worry!)


After graduating from University in June of 2015 and moving to NYC, I found myself at the computer much less, and consequently spending much more time “doing” and “learning”.

Blogging is like getting into a fitness routine- it’s the motivation that gets you started, but the habit that keeps you going. During university, blogging was a great way for me to express myself, and be productive while procrastinating school work. Writing about health and fitness was so fun for me, and I loved connecting with other like minded individuals through the blog-o-sphere.


I’ve spent much of the last year and a half learning about health and fitness through coaching and training at Body Space. A lot of the energy and time spent blogging, was now spent learning from others, coaching others, and being coached myself.

Squash on Squash – Moving Forward

With this new phase of Squash on Squash, posts may look a little different. Instead of long random musings, or recounts of my day, posts will likely be a little more educational or informative. Expect to see more recipes, workouts, and exercise tips/form corrections.

Since I’ve also been traveling much more for the pro squash tour, I’ll also be doing some recaps of my tournaments and travels.

If you’re not into reading a blog consistently, I’ll also be upping my Instagram game. You can find me @squashnic.


Later days!

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