Knee Surgery + {Friday Favourites}


It’s been about 2 weeks since I last blogged, but it feels like it’s been months! Okay, maybe it doesn’t seem like quite that long because I’ve been so busy, but I have missed it!

Let’s start with the biggest and most recent news….


Remember back in October when I told you about my Baker’s Cyst? Well, the MRI ended up showing a small tear in my medial meniscus. The tear was significant enough that it needed to be repaired at some point, but not so severe that I couldn’t finish out the squash season. However, after almost two months of being out of season, I realized I needed to get the knee fixed, so…

Guess who had her meniscus operated on yesterday? Yup, this girl…

IMG_6567Overall, the surgery went pretty well I think, and I felt absolutely fantastic yesterday, mostly because my knee was all numbed up and I was able to walk perfectly fine!

Then, around 10:30 pm the numbing agents started to wear off, and my leg really started to throb. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had time to pick up my pain meds, because as you can see from the above picture, I went straight to the library when I got back to campus. The thesis isn’t going to finish itself!

IMG_6571Without pain meds, I tried to sleep from roughly midnight to 3 am, waking up every hour or so, unable to find a comfortable position. Finally around 4 am, I realized I was not only unable to sleep- I couldn’t even focus on a movie I was watching because the pain in my leg was so bad. I ended up calling the university health centre to see if I could get some emergency pain meds (Percocet) which would hopefully help me get to sleep, and tide me over until the pharmacy opened at 9 am.

I ended up getting a ride from Public Safety to the health centre, and was fast asleep in my own bed within the next 40 minutes or so. Thank goodness for pain meds!


Today has been much better in terms of pain management, but much worse in terms of mobility! I have a poster for my thesis due later on today, which meant I had to get to the library to work on it this morning. And by work on it, I mean start and finish it. (By the way, I’m happy to report that it’s almost done!).

Unfortunately, the Percocet made it very difficult for me to concentrate, and gave me some pretty terrible nausea. After having not eaten since 10 am, I finally got some bland food in my system around 4 pm, which helped both my stomach and my mood.

Anyway! That’s the latest and greatest from me. How about some more positive things to finish off the post? Hello, Friday Favourites!

Friday Favourites

  • NuGo Dark (Peanut Butter cup flavour)

IMG_6561I picked up this protein bar at the Ustore the other day as a supplement for my morning Greek yogurt. It was surprisingly filling, and every last bite was delicious!

  • Spring Weather

How gorgeous are the trees that are blooming outside the dorms?! One of my favourite activities during the spring is to spend the warm evenings hanging out, chatting, and reading by the benches. Plus, there’s always lots of people who walk by, so it turns into a bit of a social event!


  • Almost. Done. Thesis!

The countdown is on… 3 days! To be honest, I’ve actually now finished 99% of my thesis, I just have to make sure that the table of contents is properly in order. What a relief it will be once this project is in…


And I most definitely won’t be missing the late evenings in the library…IMG_6499

Have you ever seen or heard of the TV show Drop Dead Diva? It finished its sixth and final season last year, and now the entire series is on Netflix!


I started the show on an absolute whim, and ended up getting hooked within the first few episodes. Needless to say, I finished the entire series pretty quickly. (45 min episodes, 13 episodes/season, 6 seasons…. all in the span of two and a half weeks, I’d say?).

IMG_6507To be fair, I had a decent amount of down time when I was putting graphs and tables together, or doing boring formatting. I put Drop Dead Diva on in the background, and got to work on my mundane tasks!

That’s all from me for today. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be done with my thesis!!!


What have you been loving lately? 

Have you ever had surgery? What kind? Any tips?


Howe Cup Nationals Weekend {Friday Favourites}

Hello from Boston!

After ~5 hour drive up from Princeton, we made it safely to Boston late Thursday night. Thanks to some movies (The Town) and some work (Thesis, blog, etc), the drive went by smoothly. That being said, when we arrived, I was more than ready to climb off the bus and into my hotel bed!

And wait, I almost forgot- it’s Friday! (Just kidding, I didn’t forget). But still, this lovely last day of the week calls for a nice little recap to celebrate the beginning of the weekend: Friday Favourites! I’ve been loving a lot of things this week, which has helped balance out the little negative things that tend to arise from time to time.

Friday Favourites

  • Quest Bars

I stumbled upon Quest bars for the first time this past summer in Philadelphia at Unite Fitness. I bought one out of curiosity after one of my workouts, and was pleasantly surprised by this high-protein bar. It didn’t have a grainy texture, nor did it taste chalky like some protein bars, and I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite.

A few of the bars I bought off Amazon


Sadly, Quest bars aren’t sold anywhere in Princeton (the nearest store is driving distance away), so my fascination with Quest was cut short. However, it was reignited a couple weekends ago when we were in New Haven playing Yale, as I stumbled upon a plethora of the yummy bars at Gourmet Heaven. After stocking up with several bars, I left, sad but determined to find them elsewhere. And sure enough, whatever you don’t find in the stores, you can find online- Amazon Prime to be exact!

IMG_6180So, that’s exactly what I did. I searched for a good price on a variety box, and purchased it! I’ve since been enjoying about a bar a day, sometimes as part of breakfast, other times as a snack. So far I haven’t met a flavour I didn’t like, and although I still have many more flavours to try (they have SO many flavours), I am fairly certain I will like them just as much!

  • Howe Cup: Nationals at Harvard

As I mentioned earlier on, this weekend is the women’s intercollegiate squash championships, held in Cambridge. We are seeded fourth, and will be playing Yale first round. I can’t believe that this is my fourth and final Howe Cup- it’s really gone by so fast.

IMG_6128I’m especially excited for the weekend because my parents are flying out to watch (and bringing my grandma’s cookies with them for the team!), and I will get to see all of my squash friends from other teams. It’s kind of like junior squash all over again, except in college squash you have a team to back you up, which I’ve got to say, is pretty awesome :).

Image 5I’ll make sure to write a recap post on Monday to fill you all in!

  • Boomchickapop

What would a Friday Favourites post be without at least two Foodie Favourites? Boring, and non existent- that’s what! I think I fall in love (or back in love) with a new food every week, which is great because I always have something fun to write about on Fridays!

A few days ago I received a package from the kind people at Boomchickapop, which included 4 packages of snacks! I’ve only had a chance to try one so far (the white cheddar popcorn), but am planning on getting to the others next week. I know that taste testing four bags of delicious snacks is such hard work, but I’m sure I’ll manage :).

IMG_6173Once I’ve tried all of the flavours, I’ll be posting a review, so stay tuned for that! If you haven’t tried Boomchickapop, I highly recommend that you do- it’s low in ingredients and calories, and high in taste!

  • Classes this semester

It’s my final semester at Princeton, and I may have finally mastered the art of finding the perfect classes for me. Okay, to be honest I had to take one of them (Comparative Physiology) to satisfy a requirement, but it’s turning out to be really cool! On Tuesday we learned about different skeletal systems, which relates quite a bit to my thesis, and today we went over nutrition/digestion/feeding/absorption. I’m really interested in how nutrition affects performance and our day-to-day lives, so it’s pretty neat the science behind it.

Anyway, I feel as though I could go on for ages about it, but I doubt you want to read about a class second hand that you’re never going to attend, so I’d better stop. However, at some point you will definitely be hearing about my class called “Foodways: Biocultural aspects of the human diet”, because it’s sick. (What a terrible use for the term “sick”, but you know what I mean!).

Alrighty, that’s all from me today. Time to go off and kick some Bulldog butt!


What are you loving this week? Anything foodie?


Exams + Food Poisoning = Restful Week

Some people would probably read that title and think, “Exams…restful?! What?!?!?”. Nooo I don’t mean mentally restful, I mean physically restful. After a long weekend of matches last weekend, I was very happy to have Monday off not only to rest my body, but also to work on my French paper (which is now finished- yay!!).

Anywho, the not-so-great news, is that I ate some salmon for dinner Monday night, and really didn’t feel well afterwards. Sadly, Tuesday was the worst day when the food poisoning really hit me. I felt much better Wednesday and Thursday, but could really tell I was in recovery mode when trying to practice. Oh well! As  learned the last time I had food poisoning, even if you think you feel fine the day after (or the day after that, even) your body needs to replenish its energy and water stores!

Fortunately, today my appetite is back and finally feel 100%, so I’m hoping things will all be smooth sailing from here on out!

really must go study, because my exam is in less than 11 hours (a 7:30-10:30 pm final- yuck!!!), but I thought I’d pop in and touch base quickly first. I also have a couple of Friday Favouritesreally want to share! Thanks as always to Heather for the link-up :) It’s so much fun to participate in every week!

Friday Favourites

This game is great, because almost everyone has a weak spot, but you can usually get a decent amount of the answers, so it doesn’t make the game entirely impossible. We are definitely not talking New-York-Times-crossword puzzle-level difficulty here, but even if you do enjoy those word jumbles, I have a feeling you’d get a kick out of this game, too! The categories include Art, Entertainment, Science, History, Geography, and Sports. The way it works is that you answer questions against a friend until you get one wrong, then it’s their turn! So unless you’re a near-genius, your streak has to end, meaning you won’t get stuck playing this game for hours on end.

Anyway, it’s a pretty sweet app, and a lot like Quiz Up, from what I’ve heard from others. Cool!

  • Royal Pains

I swear, I start watching the most random shows sometimes! I’ll hear a ton about a certain show, try it, and then not like it, and then all of a sudden check out something random on Netflix and get obsessed! (Ie. Prison Break and The Mindy Project). Okay, I know those aren’t completely random shows, but most people are discussing 1) current shows (not ones that finished in another style era, or 2) Game of Thrones. Yes, I am surrounded by college students, and Sunday nights during GOT are more or less sacred.

Royal Pains is about a doctor who gets fired from his old job at an ER ward in Manhattan, and winds up in the Hamptons as a “concierge doctor”. Basically, imaging Grey’s Anatomy or House, but without the hospital setting, and without the crazy background love stories…at least, not by episode 3!

Ahh, as much as I would love to keep writing other things I’m loving this week, I’ve really got to study!

IMG_5254My friend took this picture yesterday while we were “studying”. The first joke about this picture is that it was taken around 3pm, right when my concentration was really starting to dwindle, and secondly, does anyone get the caption reference? (Hint: I didn’t…). (Also if the embedded video below isn’t working, click here).

Hope you have a great Friday, and a great weekend!


What’s one thing you’re loving this week?



2015 Squash Season Kick Off {Friday Favourites}

Hey guys!

This post is going to have to be on the shorter side because I have a 13 page paper to work on in French before I head off to practice! It’s not due until Tuesday, but I also have a problem set due later today (which is mostly done), and I don’t have any time to do work this weekend.

Why is that, you ask? Well, let’s get to Friday Favourites to find out! As always, thanks to Heather for hosting this link-up!

Friday Favourites

  • Matches vs Harvard and Dartmouth

We play Harvard and Dartmouth this weekend at home!!! Time to take down some Crimson and Big Green ;). (Side note: Why are their mascots just colours…?)

Courtesy Beverly Schaefer, via GoPrincetonTigers
Courtesy Beverly Schaefer, via GoPrincetonTigers (source)

Anyway, that’s definitely #1 on my Friday Favourite’s this week, because our team has been training really hard, and is super excited to play our first match at home in 2015! I’ll be sure to recap on Monday after the matches have all finished :).

We also have our senior dinner this weekend, where all of the seniors’ parents come to watch, followed by a nice fancy dinner! It’s always a ton of fun, because the juniors write speeches about us 4th years, and they never fail to embarrass each and every player. I did my speech last year, and can honestly say it was both fun and emotional to get up there and speak about your teammate of 3 years. We’ve got some characters in the current senior class, so I’m nervous but also excited to see what the juniors come up with!

Hadley got me this scarf by Jocelyn as a belated birthday/Christmas present, and I am obsessed with it! It’s super cozy, and funnily enough, is a great studying accessory!

jocelynscarfAlthough it’s small, this scarf has the comfort of your favourite blanket, so you don’t have to bring that excessively large item with you. Okay, to be honest I have never brought a blanket/sleeping bag or anything of the sort to to the library, but am now kind of contemplating the idea… Snuggie, anyone?!

  • Overnight oats comeback

It’s been too cold out, (and I’ve been too impatient), so I’ve been eating breakfast in my room lately instead of walking allll the way to a dining hall or Eating club. (Quick fact, yes we have these things at Princeton called “Eating club”, where some upperclassmen eat their meals).

My go-to easy to make meal? Overnight oats!!!

IMG_6049This morning’s combo was particularly good, which included:

  • 1/2 container plain 0% Greek yogurt
  • 1 container (minus the fruit on the bottom) 2% Strawberry Banana Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 Tbsp Chia seeds (I’m all out now! :( )
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 1-2 Tbsp peanut butter, swirled into the mixture
  • enough milk to get things moving


  • Festive interior light decor

At the end of last year, my friend Johanna (the one who gave me the S’well water bottle for my birthday!), was passing on a bunch of her things to others, much of which was barely used IKEA stuff. Sadly I missed the boat for the IKEA furniture, but I was able to score a few other things, including these small LED bulb lights!

IMG_6052I love how lights add a bit of pizazz (<– second time in my life I think I’ve ever said that word) to a room- especially a dorm room! Thanks again, Johanna!

  • Klipsch Headphones

Remember during the summer when my orange and black Klipsch headphones completely died? It was fortunate that I was completely obsessed with Unite during this team, so I didn’t need headphones for working out, but once I got back to school, I sure felt like something was missing!

Since my headphones were still under their year warranty, I sent them back a couple of months ago, requesting a new pair. Don’t you just lovveeee how slow the mail process can be sometimes? Well, when I returned to school this January, my headphones had finally arrived for me in the mail!

IMG_6045They really do have great sound quality, but I am hoping that these ones last! And if they don’t, well then I’m hoping I can redeem yet another warranty :).

Okay, time for me to head off! Not only do I have work to do, but there’s also this annoying bird outside my window whose “call” sounds much like a human hiccup. Gah, birds!


What are you loving this week?

Have you ever used Klipsch headphones? Good or bad reviews?

What are your thoughts on overnight oats? 

Hello, 2015 + {Friday Favourites}

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you had a fun New Years Eve! Mine could not have been more low-key, but after roughly 17 hours of traveling, and waking up at 3:50 am, I was more than ready to climb into bed Wednesday night.

IMG_6028Where was I traveling to, you may ask? Back to Princeton! We have matches on the 10th, and so our coach wanted us back a few days early in order to train up. As someone who’s not a huge fan of New Years Eve partying (I find the clubs pretty overrated), I was fine missing the festivities, but it would have been nice to have had a few more days at home. I’m already missing the good ol’ squash club and breakfast in my PJ’s!

Okay enough dwelling on the past! It’s a new year, so why not kick things off right with some Friday Favourites?! As always, thanks to Heather for hosting! Be sure to check out her blog, Housewife Glamour to see what others are lovin’ this Friday!

Friday Favourites

  • 2015

2014 was a good year, but I’m super excited for all that 2015 has to offer. A few things I’m looking forward to include: graduating from Princeton, starting the next chapter of my “adult” life, finishing up my last college squash season, getting my personal training certification, and finishing my thesis. Yikes, that’s quite a to-do list!

  • Wawa’s Mocha Coffee

When I arrived at Wawa this morning, I was surprised by two things: 1) the Pumpkin Spice was gone, and 2) it was replaced by Mocha!

IMG_6029I poured myself a little bit, smelled it, and immediately knew it would be a winner. A little note to Wawa: although I’m sad you removed Pumpkin Spice, thank you for replacing it with a good flavour! You have redeemed yourself ;) .

  • TRX Kit

I’ve wanted a TRX kit for a couple of years now, and after having completed my TRX group training last June, I knew this would be a good investment for my future. So, when I found a special holiday sale on the TRX training website, I quickly forwarded it to Santa my dad as a light suggestion.

IMG_5877After my food baby settled down and I was able to pull myself off the couch Christmas day, I set up this bad boy and tried out a few exercises. I was soon reminded why I took Christmas day off as an intentional rest day, and proceeded to park my butt back on the couch to watch the Mindy Project :) .

  • West Coast Scenery + Hiking

Although I did spent quite a bit of time relaxing and at the squash club, I did get a chance to see some friends and explore the great outdoors.

IMG_5865Danielle, Chantal and I went on a hike the morning of Christmas Eve, and were pleasantly surprised how mild the weather was for late December! Although Victoria isn’t usually freezing, it’s fairly common for it to be rainy, dreary and damp. I secretly love that kind of weather, because it helps me justify staying indoors to sit by the fire and read a book (or lately, watch Netflix) and just chill.

IMG_5864As much as I (not so) secretly love the dreary weather, I was very happy not to be hiking in such conditions. The late morning sun shone beautifully over the trees, making me feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy such a beautiful day outside!

  • This Old Picture of Me From 2001

A couple weeks ago I was waiting for my mom at her office as she finished up a few loose ends, and stumbled upon this picture of me from 2001.

IMG_5808I was about 8 years old, and clearly had a serious thing for chokers. I distinctly remember trying to find as many as I could (I think my maximum was 4 at once), and in every colour possible. What do you think? Should I bring them back?! ;)

Hope you have had a great start to 2015, and happy Friday!


What did you do for New Years? Was it more exciting than me sleeping? 

What’s something you’re loving this week?

What are you looking forward to in 2015?